Laying the Groundwork for a Lifetime of Learning

Our programmes tap into the innate curiosity of children by encouraging them to explore their environment under close supervision. Since majority of the brain’s synaptic connections are formed during the first few years of life, our classes begin at 4 months to harness this unique window of opportunity. At this phase, the brain is highly receptive to stimuli so our activities aim to support the firing of synapses, promoting cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Benefits your child will have:

  • Stimulation of senses

  • Building of gross and fine motor skills

  • Improvement of attention span and memory

  • Develop social interaction skills

  • Improve spatial intelligence

  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence

  • Cultivate curiosity and develop creativity

  • Promote love for Music and Music appreciation

  • Develop love for Science at early age


  • Baby exercise to develop gross motor skills and sense of balance 
  • Baby dance for parent & child bonding, vestibular stimulation and spatial orientation
  • Multi-sensory play including visual performance, light play, auditory stimulation, touch & feel sensories.
  • Interactive musical story and visuals including live playing
  • Fine motor handling of percussion including shakers, bells, drums, xylophones etc.
  • Solo time on percussion play to build self esteem and confidence
  • Parachute play for visual and colours stimulation
  • Bubble play for hands & eyes coordination, tracking and popping

*For 8 months to 17 months old classes, 1 parent or caregiver is allowed to accompany the the child in the class. Exceptions are made for 4 to 8 months old babies, 2 parents or caregivers are allowed to accompany the child in the class.


My son loves classes there. Although he is only 10months old, he is able to recognize the escalator to the place and squeals with delight whenever we are on it. He enjoys the instruments utilised in class and the interactive activities e.g. tracking bubbles and ‘flying’ in air. Mummy and daddy find the classes fun too.

Ms. Esther Tan, Parent of 10 months old Baby

My child has been attending classes at The Music Scientist since he was 11 mths and we really loved the activities conducted! Our little ones get to exercise and develop motor skills, sense of balances and spatial orientation! Multi-sensory play that arouses rapid brain development! I bet my child’s favourite must be percussions instrument exploration.

Ms. Angel Neo, Parent of 11 months old Baby