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Fostering A Love for Science through Catchy Melodies

We’ve crafted a unique blend of science and music to ignite young minds. Science concepts become catchy tunes, making learning both entertaining and unforgettable. The little ones also get to have their rockstar moment with various performances that will become fond childhood memories.

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Benefits your child will have:

  • Cultivates Musicianship – Internalisation of Beat and Rhythm
  • Solfege and Nursery Songs singing that builds on Vocalisation
  • Spur Interest and Love for Science at Early Age
  • Refinement of motor skills
  • Gaining logical intelligence
  • Enhancement of self-esteem and confidence
  • Acquisition of higher EQ
  • Improvement of self-expression, creativity and observational skills



  • Auditory Music exercises through Teacher’s live playing and games to learn solfege, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and pitch recognition
  • Introductory learning to staff reading through fun, music, movement and games
  • Singing to the in-house songs and classic nursery songs
  • Exercise to develop gross motor skills, sense of balance and spatial orientation
  • Music and movement/dance through instructions following, improving body coordination.
  • Musical drama play that encourages expressive language and engages imagination.
  • Fine motor handling of percussion/ props including shakers, bells, drums, xylophones, rainbow rings, pitched resonator bars and xylophones, etc.
  • Orchestra play to train listening skills, learn to cooperate and coordinate
  • Sensory, cognitive, play, game or craft activity at the end of the class