This programme builds on the Music Scientist Scouts programme. The Music Scientist Virtuosos advance to perform and improvise the learnt music concepts and dances.

The Virtuosos also strengthens the understanding and memory of more complex Science Concepts. They can actively apply proper Science terms and vocabulary. Preparing them for the MOE Primary Science syllabus.


  • A Holistic Music Curriculum using Orff, Dalcroze and Kodaly methods, bridging towards ABRSM
  • Intriguing Science topics such as Space & Universe which are out of the MOE Science Syllabus and topics such as Life Cycles, Animal Adaptation, Plants, Human Anatomy and many more which are introductory and foundation to the MOE Primary Science Syllabus


The child advances in musicianship and acquires showmanship. The child is also inquisitive, knowledgeable in Science facts and concepts. He/she is a Science and earth lover, confidently prepared for the MOE Primary Science syllabus.


  • Catchy Songs with embedded general and science facts
  • Fun and interactive visuals that explains the science concepts
  • Music, movement, dance, dramatic and imaginary play
  • Music exposure including music concepts, sight reading, pitched and percussion instruments playing, introducing different music genres and history
  • Interactive Science demonstrations and games that reinforce learning points
  • Thoughtful Science and Art crafts,
  • Worksheets and Quizzes to assess the children’s understanding.

Current Programme for the Music Scientist Virtuosos

Why learn Human Anatomy at a young age?

  • Human Anatomy is a topic covered in the Primary 3 and 4 Science Syllabus
  • It gives the children a head start for rigorous science education that lies ahead of them
  • Children are able to relate and learn about the basic functions of the body systems like the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and skeletal systems
  • Children will gain a strong foundation in the relevant science concepts and vocabulary

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