Our Music Scientist Virtuoso’s program builds on the Music Scientist Scouts program, where your child can actively apply proper Science terms and vocabulary through the strengthening of their understanding and memory of more complex Science Concepts. This prepares them for the vigor of the MOE Primary Science syllabus in school in subsequent years to come.

The Virtuoso’s Music curriculum is built on Music fundamentals of Music and Movement, solfege singing, rhythmic learning and auditory training, which is then tiered onto sight reading and song improvisation.

Benefits your child will have:

  • Advancement in musicianship and acquires showmanship

  • Acquisition of more Science and general knowledge

  • Appreciation and love for Science

  • Confidence to tackle MOE Primary Science syllabus


  • Catchy song embedded with general and science facts 
  • Fun and interactive visuals and characters explaining science concepts
  • Dramatic and imaginary play
  • Music and movement 
  • Exposure to music concepts
  • Playing of percussion instruments
  • Engaging Science demonstrations, hands-on activities, crafts and games

Interested parents and schools, call/whatsapp us at 69096350 or email us at admin@themusicscientist.com to enquire now!