Our Music Scientist Tenderfeet programme exposes your child to various forms of sensory stimulation, which boost brain development through the stimulation of the 5 senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Through the use of various senses, new neural pathways are created which are essential for life-long learning.

Our sessions are fun for both parents and children. Through the demonstrations by our instructor, parents will be exposed on how to interact with your child in a joyful and purposeful way. The class promotes parent bonding, connection with your child, love, security and assurance.

Benefits your child will have:

  • Stimulation of senses

  • Building of motor skills

  • Improvement of attention span and memory

  • Cultivation of curiosity



  • Baby massage technique sharing session
  • Baby exercise to develop motor skills, sense of balance and spatial orientation
  • Vocal singing to nursery songs and rhymes
  • Fun and interactive stories and visuals
  • Exploration of percussion instruments
  • Solo time

Parachute and bubble play 


  • Baby exercise to develop motor skills, sense of balance and spatial orientation
  • Multi-sensory play
  • Vocal singing to nursery songs and rhymes
  • Fun and interactive stories and visuals
  • Exploration of percussion instruments
  • Solo time
  • Parachute and bubble play


We started this in April 2019 when he was 20months old. Glad that I found this activity for him, although he did not straight away copy / applied what teacher shown in the class, I believe he is recording it in his mind.

One day when we were on the taxi, he tapped his leg as what teacher Axel taught in the class. I was quite surprised, because he was not doing so in class 😂😂

Nowadays he will sing “Good day… good day…” (The Music Scientist opening song) as and when he wants.

We’ve seen great improvement on him within these 5 months and he is always looking forward to every single class.

Thank you Teacher Axel!!

The Music Scientist is full of ideas, creativity and learning resources to bring the joy and fun learning through the music and science.

Thumbs up 👍👍👍

Ms. Wenny Chong, Parent of 24 months old Toddler


We always look forward to the classes at The Music Scientist, because they are well thought through for our little ones. I like that the theme changes every 3 weeks and the special interactive segment before the end of the class to look forward to. My son progressed a lot and discovered his musicality from these classes. He learnt to understand instructions better, attempt to follow Teacher Axel on the actions and his level of concentration also improved. 👍🏻

Ms. Jessica Lim, Parent of 18 months old Toddler


My son loves classes there. Although he is only 10months old, he is able to recognize the escalator to the place and squeals with delight whenever we are on it. He enjoys the instruments utilised in class and the interactive activities e.g. tracking bubbles and ‘flying’ in air. Mummy and daddy find the classes fun too.

Ms. Esther Tan, Parent of 10 months old Baby


My child has been attending classes at The Music Scientist since he was 11 mths and we really loved the activities conducted! Our little ones get to exercise and develop motor skills, sense of balances and spatial orientation! Multi-sensory play that arouses rapid brain development! I bet my child’s favourite must be percussions instrument exploration.

Ms. Angel Neo, Parent of 11 months old Baby


My girl has been attending classes for months and I can see a great improvement in her. She is now more confident in speaking up and fulfilling the activities in class. She enjoys the singalong sessions and interacting with the rest of the class. Every 2 weeks, the theme of the class will change so there is always a surprise element!

Ms. Adelene Chiang, Parent of 24 months old Toddler


“A heartfelt thank you to ever so bubbly Teacher Axel, for all the wonderful classes that he carefully planned and executed with nothing but patience, genuine love for working with children, flexibility and fantastic energy level. We love how the environment and class contents are always changing to suit the theme of the ongoing occasions. We would always look foward to what fun we can expect with each visit.”

Ms. Stephanie Low, Parent of 20 months old Baby


“I have a 7 months old baby. My experience with Teacher Axel is remarkable. He knows what are the activities that would interest my baby and what are the activities that are helpful for his development. Teacher Axel’s expertise in conducting infant class is really amazing! We look forward to more classes with him. I and my baby really enjoy his classes very much!”

Ms. Jenny, Parent of 7 months old Baby