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Our Music Scientist Groovers program builds and sharpens the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic development of your child. Our Music curriculum is built on Music fundamentals of Music and Movement, solfege singing, rhythmic learning and auditory training. Your child will also be exposed to various science concepts to nurture their curiosity and observational skills.


Benefits your child will have:

  • Cultivates Musicianship – Internalisation of Beat and Rhythm

  • Solfege and Nursery Songs singing that builds on Vocalisation and tiers on to Song Improvisation

  • Spur Interest and Love for Science at Early Age

  • Refinement of motor skills

  • Gaining logical intelligence

  • Enhancement of self-esteem and confidence

  • Acquisition of higher EQ

  • Improvement of self-expression, creativity and observational skills


      • Catchy song embedded with general and science facts 
      • Fun and interactive stories and visuals
      • Music and movement 
      • Dramatic and imaginary play
      • Playing of percussion instruments
      • Engaging Science demonstrations, hands-on activities, crafts and/or games


Both my kids have been attending The Music Scientist for about 4 months now.. The music from the classes has infiltrated my home. My elder son (4 yo), is always singing the new songs, whether it is in the shower, getting dressed, in the car etc.. and as a parent, I have to go and learn the correct lyrics and tune so that I can sing with him. He improvises and changes the lyrics so that he can sing different versions of it! His musicality and focus has also improved. He enjoys the class so much as it incorporates movement, props and sensory activities and always looks forward to his music class. 

My younger son (14 months old) has learnt to recognise the instruments, steady beats, and has shown the ability to follow the instructions. Kudos to Teacher Axel and Teacher Jeline who exhibit such sincerity in sharing their love for music. Every week, I see so much hard work and dedication that has gone into preparation of the classes.

Studies have shown that music increases children’s intelligence, and The Music Scientist has my unreserved recommendation to whoever is looking for a music and sensory class for their children!

Ms. Xiaole Hu, Parent of 12 months old Baby and 4 years old Toddler

Learning science through music is so cool and fun! The content-based songs have taught my daughter scientific concepts, ranging from the body parts of insects to the planets in the solar system. The teachers are very dedicated, and are always willing to go the extra mile to engage the children and improve the learning experience😄

Ms. Tay Ai Yun, Parent of 34 Months old Toddler