This is an all rounded programme that builds and sharpens the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic development of our Music Scientist Groovers.

Our Groovers will also experience intriguing science facts and general knowledge that helps to nurture curiosity and observational skills.


The child refines the motor skills, gains logical intelligence, great self-esteem and confidence, acquires high EQ, improves self-expression, is creative and observant


  • Catchy Songs with embedded general and science facts allow the child to absorb the Science facts easily, and stored in his long-term memory.
  • Fun and interactive storytelling that promotes literacy and focus attention
  • Music and movement, building musical, spatial and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
  • Dramatic and imaginary play that promotes social and cognitive development
  • Percussions/instruments play and exploration developing musicianship, enhance fine motor skills, auditory skills, rhythmic sense, and inner hearing.
  • Engaging Science demonstrations, hands-on experiments, crafts and games that supplement and reinforce the learning points.